2023 MIPS Proposed Rule

At the end of July, CMS released its 2023 Proposed Rule for MIPS Reporting. There were some notable changes proposed, including additional MVP options and measure changes for the Promoting Interoperability category. They have not proposed any changes to the scoring or minimum thresholds for...

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Credentialing Process & Key Milestones

Becoming a credentialed provider is a lengthy and complicated process and the timeline to get credentialed can differ from payer to payer.When sending applications to becomean in-network provider witha payer, it isimportant to remember that as fast as you or ahired consultant appliesand submits the...

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How to Streamline Your Credentialing Process

Throughout the entire credentialing process, there are multiple situations that may occur and can affect the timeline of a provider’s credentialing. Some of these situations can be avoided or prepared for ahead of time which will result in a much smoother process without delays. The average...

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