Medical Billing FAQ’s

What is included in TriumpHealth medical billing services?

Our revenue cycle management service includes handling all your outbound claims and inbound remittance and payments, both electronic and on paper. We proactively address claim appeals and manage denials on your behalf. And by continually expanding our billing services, we’re taking administrative tasks off your hands. We make your claims our business, so your business can move faster.

How can we get the necessary billing paperwork to TriumpHealth?

There are several ways for your office to get us your billing information, including:

  • Providing access to your EHR and practice management system
  • Scanning and uploading paper charges to our HIPAA compliant portal
  • Encrypted emailing

How often should we send our new billing to you?

As often as you choose to! We normally recommend, that our clients send us their new billing on a daily basis.

What happens if we accidentally omitted something from the billing information that we already sent to your office?

You will receive a Weekly Claims Exception report highlighting the missing information needed to process the claim. Once you review and get the information back to us, we will file the claims immediately.

How often will our patients receive statements?

The patients will receive statements for any balance due, once a payment has been received by their insurance carrier. Depending on your workflow, the patient statements are normally sent once a week and up to once a month.

How do you handle non-payments from an insurance carrier?

We must first determine if the denial, whether in part or in full, is valid. If the denial is not valid, we will request the payer to reprocess the claim. For instance, if the denial is for diagnosis or modifier we will correct and rebill the claim. If the denial is for medical necessity we will send the medical records, and appeal if needed. Depending on the payer, we may file multiple appeals, including administrative appeal, and follow-up till the claim is paid or we receive a decision in writing otherwise.

How do you handle non-payments from a patient?

We will send up to two statements, and make follow up phone calls. After 120 days we recommend that the account be turned over to collections and that the patient is denied future treatments until their account has been paid. If you are not already affiliated with a collection agency near you, we can recommend a collection agency.

Will I be losing control of my billing?

No, as a matter of fact you have more control over your billing. You have a dedicated Billing Account Manager and support staff to work with you on a daily basis. Plus, we send you weekly and monthly financial analysis for your review. On top of this you have real-time access to our work in the billing software.

Will my chart information be safe?

Yes, we keep all patient information confidential and secure according to HIPPA compliance guidelines.

How much time does it take to get started?

Depending upon the size of your practice and the specialty, TriumpHealth can have your practice up and running in as soon as 2 weeks and up to 6 weeks.

What is the TriumpHealth medical biling service going to cost?

TriumpHealth charges a percentage of net collections received by your practice. The net collection rate depends on the size, specialty, and the services provided. We offer very cost-competitive rates within the industry. At the end of it “we make money only if you make money”.

What are the potential benefits of outsourcing your revenue cycle to TriumpHealth?

TriumpHealth helps you maximize physician reimbursement by:

  • filing clean claims
  • auditing charts to identify under-billing and coding errors
  • unbundling of services
  • staying on top of payer rules
  • tracking denials, appeals and dispute resolution
  • timely and actionable financial reporting

How is TriumpHealth different than other revenue cycle management companies?

We are not your typical third-party revenue cycle company. Think of our billers and coders as your remote billing, coding and claim management staff. You are assigned a dedicated Billing Account Manager and appropriate staff based on the type of specialty, size and scope of work. Our dedicated revenue cycle team can access the practice billing software online to do prior-authorizations, billing, posting, chart/claim audits, AR follow up, denial management, appeals, collections and reporting. You have 24×7 access to the worked performed by our revenue cycle team.

What billing system is used for filing claims?

We work with your current billing software therefore no new software is required, nor is there any need to convert any existing billing data. We will adapt seamlessly with your existing billing system and replicate your billing processes. Our medical billing teams are well versed with most commonly used billing systems in the healthcare industry, including:

  • AdvancedMD
  • Allscripts
  • Aprima
  • CareCloud
  • Centricity
  • DrChrono
  • eCW
  • Greenway
  • Kareo
  • Medisoft
  • NextGen
  • NueMD

To learn how TriumpHealth can help you maximize revenue, contact us!