Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
Below is a summary of MIPS requirements and services provided by TriumpHealth to achieve MIPS compliance goals:

MIPS Graph

Quality Measure Consulting

Our approach to Quality measure reporting is below:

  • Review of previous reported data (from QPP)
  • Review prevalent clinical instances and workflow documentation
  • Evaluate and analyze billing and coding data for your organization
  • Assessment of appropriate and cost-effective method of reporting (inclusive of all reporting mechanisms)
  • Recommend applicable benchmark and outcome measures for highest quality reporting
  • Training for office, clinical and IT staff
  • Regular analysis of Quality measures scores by individual NPI and TIN

Promoting Interoperability Consulting

In 2023 Promoting Interoperability will account for 30% of the composite MIPS score. We work with your staff to make sure you are staying up to date with the relevant changes and meeting requirements, as below:

  • Review existing clinical workflow and documentation
  • Set-up Promoting Interoperability (PI) reports
  • Remove measures no longer required for reporting from clinical workflow
  • Train clinical staff on workflow and documentation for individual base, performance and bonus measures
  • Proactively prepare for PI audit during the reporting year
  • Assistance in preparation for attestation
  • Consultant guided attestation
  • PI audit response preparation support

Improvement Activities Consulting

For this category, CMS has included over 100 activities which a practice can engage to earn up to 15% of the MIPS Composite Score. Most activities are aimed at improving patient care, access, engagement and coordination of care organizations. For smaller practices, this measure category is easier to meet unlike larger organizations,who are held to a higher standard. We help you with:

  • Selection of Clinical Practice Improvement activities
  • Documentation for audit preparation and support
  • PCMH/ PCSP Consulting


CMS will calculate cost measures based on attributable instances during the 2023 performance period. We help you:

  • Evaluate your clinical workflow and suggest ways to reduce patient attribution or reduce cost of care.
  • Evaluate hospital and procedural instances for possible workflow improvements to reduce attribution or cost.

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