Cardiology Billing Services

Coronary angiography procedures, performed during a therapeutic coronary artery procedure, are considered to be part of the percutaneous coronary intervention and not separately reportable diagnostic procedures. However, when billing for a diagnostic cardiac catheterization or angiography, which has not been previously performed, but now is performed on the same day as a separate procedure prior to percutaneous coronary intervention, the modifier 59 should be appended to the codes 93454 – 93461 as appropriate. Non-covered services should be billed with modifier GA, GX, GY, or GZ, as appropriate.

Cardiology billing

Cardiology billing is complex and requires a high level of experience and knowledge for appropriate coding, modifier application, and general medical billing procedures. Billing specifics such as medical necessity verification, component coding, etc., require ever increasing levels of billing expertise and efficiency.

Our billing team collaborates with your practice to help identify problem areas such as the correct use of modifiers, and educate your practice on best practices and procedures. Our team of certified medical billing experts and medical coders will manage all aspects of your billing to help maximize the reimbursement for services rendered.

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