Radiology Billing Services

Interventional radiologists perform a broad spectrum of intricate treatments throughout the anatomy such as ablations, chemo-embolization, thrombolysis, balloon occlusions, dilating and stenting distant arteries. Regular coders are rarely familiar with these interventional procedures or the interventional radiology-specific coding rules and edits. Regular operative reports are generally very brief, and the coders’ main challenge is to find a code-able diagnostic statement, but interventional radiologist reports are often long and intimidating. As a result, the responsibility for coding frequently defaults back to the providers.

Radiology billing

Radiology billing is complex and ever-changing. Confronting declining payments, increasing patient responsibility and increase operational costs requires efficient and accurate medical billing procedures. Our team of certified medical coders and billing experts will manage all aspects of your medical billing, including common documentation shortfalls, which help to ensure your practice receives maximum reimbursement for services rendered.

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