Payer Contract Negotiations

Negotiation with payers on reimbursement rates is essential for maximizing revenue, but it can be extremely complex. As a provider, it is your job to provide comprehensive care to your patients while maximizing your revenue, and payers have control over reimbursement to your practice. It is important for practices to perform periodic reviews of payer contracts to ensure that providers are receiving optimal reimbursements for their services. Navigating the relationship between provider and payer requires expertise, demographic knowledge, strong analytical skills, and organized processes. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants can use contract and performance data to prove to payers that you deserve more favorable rates. Let TriumpHealth’s payer contract negotiation experts help you through these complicated steps.

Our Payer Contract Review & Rate Negotiation services include:

  • Comprehensive contract review
  • Contract language analysis to ensure optimal terms for providers
  • Utilization and payment analysis by payer to compare reimbursements
  • Working with payers to raise reimbursement rates
  • Preparation of competitive fee schedule analysis to support optimal rates
  • Market analysis to present comprehensive proposal to payers
  • Negotiate participation in additional payer plans in any given market

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