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Are you starting your own private practice? Trying to start your practice on your own can be tempting, but simple mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in your first few years alone. Many providers become understandably overwhelmed when they begin this process, and often don’t know where to begin. Utilizing the experience of our practice start-up team will help you avoid these setbacks and see a faster return on your investment.

TriumpHealth’s practice start-up team has created a thorough step-by-step process that ensures a successful and efficient practice start-up. We can assist you all the way from the initial stages of location demographic study all the way through guiding you to create your employee handbooks. From essential decisions to finishing touches, we will be there every step of the way.

We Can Help With Setting Up a Private Practice In All 50 States

Multi-Specialty Clinics – Dental Clinics–Urgent Care Clinics

Each practice is unique and may have different needs depending on the specialty, location and goals. We try to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions to help you be successful.  Our team is ready to help you start your journey no matter what your situation.

Our Practice Start-Up Services Include:

  • Patient Demographic Study in new practice geographic location
  • Office Scanning, Faxing & Internet Set-up
  • Support of Legal Entity Set-up
  • Provider Credentialing with Government, Private & Commercial Insurance
  • Medical Billing, AR Follow-up, & Denial management
  • Help with the evaluation of new EHR and Practice Management System Selection
  • Payer set-up in billing software
  • EDI Enrollment Assistance
  • EFT/ERA Set-up

Additionally, We Help Assist With:

  • HIPAA/OSHA Training & Certification
  • New Staff Training& Administrative Set-up
  • Creating Employee Policies & Procedures Handbook
  • Establishing Best Practices for the day-to-day operation

Find out more by scheduling a consultation to speak with one of our representatives or request your practice start-up checklist today!

If you are looking to start your own medical practice, consider reaching out to TriumpHealth to discuss your future plans. TriumpHealth works with all specialties nationwide and knows all the necessary steps to get your practice started. To talk to a representative, call 817-857-1075 or email

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