Provider Credentialing & Payer Enrollment

Provider credentialing is necessary to receive in-network reimbursement from payers. The ability to accept patient insurance plans is essential for the success of your practice. Procrastination and haphazard credentialing application processing can result in significant cash-flow challenges for your providers. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize issues with credentialing.

When you need credentialing
  1. 1. Opening a new practice
  2. 2. In need of a larger patient base
  3. 3. Adding providers
  4. 4. Moving or adding practice locations
  5. 5. Expanding payer networks
  6. 6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. 7. Re-credentialing providers

TriumpHealth is here to ensure that your office obtains its credentials accurately and on time so that you can begin receiving reimbursement as soon as possible. We have the experience and knowledge you need to get through the process with the least amount of worry. Your office simply needs to provide us with the required information and documents – and then leave the work to us!

How Does TriumpHealth help?
  • Our team analyzes the demographics around your practice location and shortlists the most beneficial payers for you, according to subscriber density, enabling you to make an informed decision for what works best for your practice
  • We track all applications submitted and maintain accurate records
  • We contact you regularly to update you on progress until the process is over
  • We have a consistent follow-up process that ensures payer timelines are met
  • We guarantee complete security, confidentiality, and accuracy of your data
  • By trusting us, you can avoid common credentialing mistakes that lead to denials and underpayments

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