Credentialing Monitoring & Maintenance

Credentialing monitoring and maintenance is a critical part of making sure providers are reimbursed for their services accurately. If your credentials and documentation are not maintained and updated, they will be deactivated by insurance payers and denied claims will escalate.

TriumpHealth’s credentialing specialists proactively and diligently keep track of our providers credentials and alert them before their documents expire. By staying ahead of deadlines, we remove the chance of any credentialing related denials or the rush to renew information. Our goal is to make your credentialing maintenance as stress free as possible so that you can focus on providing the highest quality of care to your patients.

Our credentialing monitoring and maintenance services include the following:

  • CAQH Attestation: Every 120 days, we re-attest the providers account and upload any new documents necessary
  • Re-Credentialing & Re-Validation: Applicable for private, commercial and government payers
  • Demographic Updates: Changes in address, phone, or name of business etc.
  • Directory Updates: Verification of demographic information every 6-12 months for Medicare
  • Monitoring Documents: We alert providers on any document that will be expiring
  • Practice Services: Addition or changes in any medical services provided
  • Primary Source Verification: Verification of documentation needed to obtain credentials
  • Monthly reports on credentialing status and updated provider roster

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