Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Maintenance

Provider Credentialing & Enrollment Maintenance Services

Provider Credentialing and enrollment maintenance are critical parts of making sure providers are reimbursed for their services accurately. If your credentials and documentation are not maintained and updated, they will be deactivated by insurance payers and denied claims will escalate. You don’t want a missed payer request to end your agreement with any payer.


TriumpHealth’s credentialing specialists proactively and diligently keep track of our provider’s credentials and alert them before their documents expire. By staying ahead of deadlines, we remove the chance of any credentialing-related denials or the rush to renew information. Our goal is to make your credentialing maintenance as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on providing the highest quality of care to your patients.

We Help With Provider Credentialing & Provider Enrollment in All 50 States

Hospitals & Health Systems – FQHC’s & Rural Health Clinics – Dental/Orofacial Pain–Medical Groups & Practices –DME – ASC’s – Mental &Behavioral Health Clinics– Physical Medicine

Never Worry About Your Credentialing Issues Again With Our Maintenance Program

Each practice is unique and may have different needs depending on the specialty, location, and goals. We try to understand your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions to help you be successful. We help hundreds of providers each year and can certainly help you as well. We provide you with monthly reports on your credentialing status, and updated provider rosters, and give you access to our software so you can monitor your credentialing status 24/7!

Our Provider Credentialing Maintenance Services Include

  • CAQH Maintenance & Attestation
  • Recredentialing and Maintenance of Private & Commercial Payers
  • Revalidations for Government Payers
  • Payer Demographic & Directory
  • Monitoring of Expirable Documents (DEA, License, Malpractice)
  • Addition of new provider enrollment services (Included in practice maintenance fees)
  • Primary Source Verification

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