Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the process in which a provider’s qualifications are verified directly through the organization or entity that issued the credential. A designated equivalent verification source will be specified by the accreditation source if primary source isn’t available. This is a convenient way for credentialing professionals to quickly verify a provider’s information with full confidence in that source’s accuracy.

Primary source verification is the first step of the provider credentialing process and protects patients by showing that all providers have valid qualifications. If an organization fails to verify a provider’s credentials through a primary source, they stand the chance of obtaining inaccurate information from untrustworthy sources.

Methods used for primary source verification include direct correspondence with the issuing source through documented telephone conversation or via fax, email, and written letter. This includes the confirmation of graduation of medical school, internships, residency, and fellowships, board certifications, DEA certifications, criminal background, work history, professional references, valid medical license, sanctions, malpractice insurance, medical boards, and more.

Primary Source Verification

TriumpHealth understands that primary source verification is an important first step to credentialing your providers and enrolling them properly. Our professional credentialing staff ensures that all primary source verification is done ethically, efficiently, and in a timely manner. This allows you and your staff to focus on other pressing matters and provide high quality care to your patients.

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