Revenue Cycle Assessment

Optimal revenue cycle performance hinges on constantly monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and acting decisively to address issues before they significantly impact your organization. If you are like most healthcare organizations, you may decide to undergo a revenue cycle assessment when there is:

  • Need to proactively monitor and improve financial performance
  • Difficulty accessing and understanding underlying data
  • Management change, staffing adjustments, workflow augmentations or technology conversions and implementations

Revenue Cycle Assessment

TriumpHealth has conducted numerous revenue cycle assessments, and while each assessment is different, our methodology is consistent and proven. Each focused assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of your processes, data and staff, and is specific to your business needs. Relevant data is presented for users based on responsibilities. With your data, we can:

  • Create and monitor revenue cycle KPIs around pre-service, point-of-service, post service, denials, etc. to provide data points needed for process and financial optimization
  • Provide comparative analysis and bench marking that scores payer performance based on claim, rejections, denials, and exceptions
  • Identify trends by drilling down to the staff, department, and service levels to uncover insightful details
  • Enable the calculations of HFMA Map Keys for true peer-to-peer bench marking
  • Maximizing reimbursement by analyzing workflows and optimizing activities

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