Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

The growing complexity of payer requirements and mandates has made it extremely challenging for healthcare organizations to capture revenue. Protecting your organization from lost revenue and high overhead expenses requires proactive revenue cycle management, real-time reimbursement analysis and resolution of root causes for denied claims.

Revenue cycle management

Timely billing of all accounts is a key to an effective revenue cycle management, and ensuring that all bills are submitted with the correct information is an underlying goal of our billing staff. 96% to 98% of claims we file are paid within 60 days.

TriumpHealth team tracks all denials, handles appeals, and follow-up on all outstanding claims to ensure payment in a timely manner. Our highly trained billing, coding, and denial management team, plus leading technology and meticulous compliance processes will free you up to focus on providing quality medical care and improve patient satisfaction. Our professional medical billing and revenue cycle services include:

TriumpHealth helps you reduce cost and maximize reimbursement by:

  • Consistently auditing patient charts and coding
  • Faster and clean claims submissions
  • Staying up-to-speed with payer rules
  • Persistently follow-up with payers to attain better yields
  • Real-time denial analysis & prevention
  • Reducing staffing issues

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