Denial Prevention

Denial Prevention

Based on our experience working with physicians and healthcare organizations we understand that the revenue cycle success starts at the patient registration and continues throughout the claims cycle. Accuracy of patient demographics and financial information up front results in reduced denials, fewer rejected claims, and fewer returned statements. Claim cleanliness is the key component that stops the denial from origination, and it is impacted by the following parameters:

  • Patient registration data quality
  • Prior-authorizations
  • Non-covered services and medical necessity management
  • Eligibility and benefits coverage
  • Clinical documentation quality
  • Coding
  • Claim editing
  • Payer rules & mandates

TriumpHealth supports your healthcare organization with denial prevention capabilities and best practices. We assist you in identifying root causes for errors in the front end of your revenue cycle, which therefore improves the downstream process. In addition, we help in checking the medical necessity requirements and creation of necessary ABNs, resulting in reduced denials and faster payments.

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