Payment Posting

payment posting

Lost claim remittances and the time-consuming process of manually posting payments leads to costly delays, increased AR days, and unrealized revenue. TriumpHealth works to get the electronic remittances set-up with majority of your payers right upon onboarding with us. This helps in avoiding the delay associated with receipt and posting of payments manually, resulting in increased velocity of payments and more accurate reconciliation of patient accounts.

TriumpHealth payment posting team manages receiving, posting and reconciling payments. We never post payments in the billing system prior to receiving money in the bank. All paper-based payer correspondence is scanned, saved, and indexed in a centralized and HIPAA compliant online portal. This portal also allows you to upload any relevant documents e.g. charge tickets, EOB’s, payer communication etc. in a secure manner. You have real-time, password protected access to the information stored on the online portal.

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