Lisa Emch, Office Manager


“I’ve been very satisfied with the support that I’ve received from my MIPS consultant. Her knowledge and ability to show me what I need to do, to get the optimal results for each of our providers has been exceptional.”

Joy Schwartz, Office Manager


“TriumpHealth has helped us with MU and PQRS since 2013, and now MIPS. TriumpHealth has worked well for us because of their systems and compliance knowledge. Having TriumpHealth support us in these efforts keeps my office staff focused on the patients. For any clinic stuck using Allscripts, TriumpHealth can help.”

Zoya Khaldeyeva, Office Manager


“Since moving to TriumpHealth our consultant has given us diligent support when we need help with MIPS measures.”

Kim Wright, CMA


“We have worked with TriumpHealth for the past few years and have always received excellent support.  Our MIPS consultant is knowledgeable and has made our MIPS reporting process efficient and easy.  Thank you for all that you do for us.”

Bo Smith, Office Manager

Astorino Vision Rehabilitation

“We chose to work with TriumpHealth because of their knowledge of MIPS and our EHR, Practice Fusion. They have done a great job and they know exactly how to solve small practice problems.”

Crystal Charnock, Office Manager


“In the past we used Miraca for MIPS support and when we ended our relationship with them, they highly recommended TriumpHealth.  Since we have been working with TriumpHealth we have always had prompt answers to our questions and they explain the MIPS measures in detail so there is no confusion.  We are very happy with their services.”

Debra Alfaro, Office Manger


“TriumpHealth has very friendly MIPS support team and I highly recommend them for anyone looking for MIPS support.”

Destani Dutton, Credentialing Manager


“TriumpHealth has exceeded our expectations with their support and hard work. They continue to make my job easier in credentialing. Having a company that I can count on has been a blessing. We are very thankful to have TriumpHealth as a part of our team.”

Dr. Amir Alemzadeh, Physician Owner


“TriumpHealth helped us pass MU and PQRS in 2016, this year they helped us get set-up and we are now ready for reporting MIPS. We stumbled upon TriumpHealth and have been happy with their customer service and expertise. We will be using TriumpHealth to audit our current billing environment.”

Lourdes Kistler, Practice Manager


“Our previous vendor was acquired by TriumpHealth.  They have a great team of consultants who keep us informed on MIPS rules and regulations every step of the way.  We rely on the expertise of TriumpHealth consultants and they make it very easy for us.”

Axia Medical Clinic


“We hired TriumpHealth to help get our clinic up and running. The staff are second to none! They are knowledgeable, always accessible, and willing to fight with the insurance companies to get what we deserve. I’d recommend everyone to TriumpHealth!”

Chrissy Duncan, Practice Manager


“TriumpHealth has helped us with Meaningful Use, PQRS and now MIPS. Over the last couple of years, it seems like CMS has decided to audit us for Meaningful Use every year. TriumpHealth has helped us each step of the way to ensure we passed the audit and received payment! Their level of professionalism, knowledge and promptness is outstanding. TriumpHealth consultants helped us with complicated issues and made them easy to navigate. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!”

Evolve Psychiatry


“You cannot go wrong with having TriumpHealth on your side. Everyone is so nice and helpful and won’t hesitate to get you answers. The credentialing team is wonderful, and you can’t ask for a more knowledgeable person than Kristy. They are always willing to be there to help in any way. The billing team is dedicated and patient to ensure we achieve great things. They are awesome!”

Cindy Sharpe, Office Manager


“I believe this is the 4th year I have been working with TriumpHealth.  The great references I received from other TriumpHealth customers is what sealed the deal for me.  Their consultants are always current on the last-minute changes to MIPS, they know Allscripts extremely well and know how to handle any issues and working out bugs in the software.  I am not able to keep up with MIPS on my own, I would be lost without our consultant Tiffany.  The continuity of working with the same consultant since the beginning, gives me a great peace of mind.”

Barb Pfeiffer, Office Manager


“We are happy with the knowledge the consultants at TriumpHealth have.  They are always up to date and help us navigate the ever-changing MIPS rules.”

Susan Maddox, Practice Manager


“We have worked with TriumpHealth for the past 6 years and they have helped us along the way with various EHR, Billing and MIPS issues.  I would highly recommend them to any practice.”

Milly Farrell, Office Manager


“TriumpHealth has been a trusted partner of ours for years, they are helping us with MIPS and medical billing services.  Their skill-set is right on target; we rely heavily on their knowledge and hardly fool with it.  Very knowledgeable and good at what they do and best of all a pleasure to work with.”

Regina Beacham, Office Manager


“We worked with another Health IT consulting company before moving to TriumpHealth.  Triumph does a great job in helping us understand and navigate the MIPS regulations.  We could not do it without them.”

Jerri Johnson, MD, PA


“We were referred to TriumpHealth by one of the consultants at a previous company we worked with.  TriumpHealth consultants are very easy to work with and always available.”

April Dufrene, Office Manager


“Our CEO decided that TriumpHealth would be our best option for MIPS support. Since partnering with TriumpHealth I found them to be very knowledgeable, patient, and extremely courteous to work with. Our MIPS consultant has been excellent, we don’t have any complaints.”

Lori Guptill, Office Manager


“Our consultant at TriumpHealth has helped us here at Madrona Dermatology ever since TriumpHealth took on our clinic from Inform Diagnostics.  She helps us feel confident that we know what we are doing to report on MIPS properly.  Thank you for your hard work and keep it up.”

Trish Hall, Office Manager


“Our account was passed on to TriumpHealth by Miraca.  Triumph consultants are knowledgeable and always available to help.  They are dedicated and committed in obtaining the best outcomes for our practice.”

Kimberly Loevy, Office Manager


“Our MIPS consultant has been great to work with, and her support of our MIPS needs is excellent.”

Elizabeth Kaciuba, RN


“We reached out to several consulting companies including TriumpHealth.  In evaluating them we were very impressed with their knowledge, diligence and focus.  We believed they would be the most helpful regarding our needs at Southwest Medical Consultants.  I am thrilled with the time and effort that Tiffany our consultant has put in to help me.  MIPS is a very detailed & complex program and I could never have been prepared or have succeeded without all her assistance.  I feel very confident in knowing that Triumph will be there for me whenever I need them.”

Alexis, RN


“Our consultant has been helping our practice successfully report on MIPS since we left Inform Diagnostics for TriumpHealth in 2018.  She has been a great help to our practice and has always been available when we need her.  TriumpHealth has always been easily accessible when our office needs them & everything has been great so far.”

Dr. Jigisha Shah, Physician Owner


“TriumpHealth has provided me with excellent experience for my credentialing requirements. They have been highly attentive and promptly responded to any inquiries on the same day. The Credentialing Director, Kristy, is very knowledgeable in her field and has consistently provided me with sound advice. I am pleased with Shane’s work as the team lead for my project, and Adam has also performed well in communicating with payers on our behalf. I would strongly recommend TriumpHealth for anyone in need of credentialing services.”

Dr. Phillip Carr, Owner

BioFix Physical Therapy

“I have had a very good experience with TriumpHealth and their credentialing department. They really helped me/my company become operational and helped get insurance contracts during a difficult time period (Covid-19). They are very responsive and willing to answer all of my questions. Definitely recommend them.”

Sandy Spears, Office Manager

Bossier Family Medicine – Sandy Spears, Office Manager

“I have been working with TriumpHealth for about a year. I use their credentialing maintenance services. I went into it not knowing what to expect. They quickly put my fears to rest. I now have an entire team of professionals working on my behalf every day. My office has 3 locations and 20 Providers. Jessie is knowledgeable and stays on top of all requirements from the different payors. Choosing TriumpHealth has been a great decision for my office.”