Our Results

“Our CEO decided that TriumpHealth would be our best option for MIPS support. Since partnering with TriumpHealth I found them to be very knowledgeable, patient, and extremely courteous to work with. Our MIPS consultant has been excellent, we don’t have any complaints.”

April Dufrene, Office Manager

“Our consultant at TriumpHealth has helped us here at Madrona Dermatology ever since TriumpHealth took on our clinic from Inform Diagnostics.  She helps us feel confident that we know what we are doing to report on MIPS properly.  Thank you for your hard work and keep it up.”

Lori Guptill, Office Manager

“Our account was passed on to TriumpHealth by Miraca.  Triumph consultants are knowledgeable and always available to help.  They are dedicated and committed in obtaining the best outcomes for our practice.”

Trish Hall, Office Manager

“Our MIPS consultant has been great to work with, and her support of our MIPS needs is excellent.”

Kimberly Loevy, Office Manager

“We reached out to several consulting companies including TriumpHealth.  In evaluating them we were very impressed with their knowledge, diligence and focus.  We believed they would be the most helpful regarding our needs at Southwest Medical Consultants.  I am thrilled with the time and effort that Tiffany our consultant has put in to help me.  MIPS is a very detailed & complex program and I could never have been prepared or have succeeded without all her assistance.  I feel very confident in knowing that Triumph will be there for me whenever I need them.”

Elizabeth Kaciuba, RN

“Our consultant has been helping our practice successfully report on MIPS since we left Inform Diagnostics for TriumpHealth in 2018.  She has been a great help to our practice and has always been available when we need her.  TriumpHealth has always been easily accessible when our office needs them & everything has been great so far.”

Alexis, RN